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We now live in a world of turmoil: pressed by environmental challenges and shaken by unpredictable conflicts. 
However, no matter how hard the world treats you, there is one dream that remains unchanged: people's desire to be beautiful and healthy.
Today, as contactless services have become the norm in response to COVID-19, the professionals in the hairdressing and beauty,
 and healthcare industries―whom Takara Belmont serves―remain at the forefront of making this dream come true through their in-person services. 
The pandemic has reminded us of how wonderful and precious the firsthand experiences are. 

As a manufacturing company, Takara Belmont's mission is to fully support 
the professionals who promote people's beauty and health by delivering safe, reliable products and by creating salon/clinic spaces.

To fulfill this mission: Commemorating our 100th anniversary, we have renewed our corporate purpose as "Rise into Beauty, Walk into life."

Also adopted is a Group Vision, "Be a global enterprise that can achieve the well-being both for people and society through innovation," where we pursue our enduring contribution to further development of hairdressing and beauty, and healthcare industries.

Two key challenges lie ahead of us:

Our Purpose

The first is performing sustainable manufacturing.

As a manufacturer, we have taken on a variety of social issues so far. 
However, to assume a new responsibility of the new era, it is imperative to have the perspective of sustainability and promote manufacturing that will meet a newly set standard.

Biwa Lake

The second is creating products, services, and new values to realize prosperous future filled with mental and physical wellbeing for people around the world.

Our careful and solid craftsmanship has been highly regarded around the world. Today, we have subsidiaries in 12 countries, and professionals in 120 countries use our products. 
Not relying on our past performance, however, we will accelerate our creation of new values and services, pursuing the strength of our unique integration of beauty and healthcare.

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, will be an important turning point for these initiatives.
Takara Belmont has announced plans to participate in the Osaka Healthcare Pavilion Nest for Reborn, one of the world’s highest stages, aiming to demonstrate a healthcare salon for the future. This exhibit is intended as a demonstration of a healthcare salon for the future that fuses our core businesses of beauty and healthcare. It will realize a future where people can comfortably live life in good health, the very base of the Osaka Healthcare Pavilion Nest for Reborn and its theme of rebirth. The entire Takara Belmont Group will move forward as one to develop this exhibit into next-generation businesses with the integration of our technologies and intelligence.

Osaka Pavilion

Exterior view of the "Osaka Pavilion"
Photo Courtesy of 2025 Japan International Exposition Osaka Pavilion Promotion Committee

Aiming at a sustainable society and prosperous communities and industries under the company purpose of “Rise into beauty, Walk into life.” Takara Belmont, as a manufacturer of sincerity, will continuously take on the challenges in offering high-value products and creative solutions for the world's people who are always seeking to discover the beauty of life.

Representative Director, Chairman and President Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Hidetaka Yoshikawa