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Supported in 120 Countries Around the World
Born from the Two Wheels of Human Hands and Machines
The True Value of “TAKARA Quality”

Skilled craftsmen pay close attention to the beauty of the details, and the high precision and productivity that can only be achieved by machines.
Precisely because it is used by professionals who come in contact with customers at real sites,
We deliver reliable quality with human hands and machines.

Product power


Achieving High-mix Low-volume Production
Discerning Product Power

For example, a barber chair. So far, we have sent more than 500 types to the world. The product power of TAKARA BELMONT is to create products that meet the dreams of all professionals and support the "real workplace that you can touch with your hands" at any time.


The Reason Why It is Loved for a Long Time in the World.
That is "TAKARA Quality"
Reputed Quality Power

100,000 times of endurance tests are carried out during equipment development. In addition, for the leather *1 used for hairdressing and beauty chairs, we have developed a material that can be easily wiped off with coloring agents and chemicals, and that does not warp even when disinfected. We deliver "safety and security" such as ISO certification. *1 Refers to synthetic leather in our company.
quality power
power of challenge


To Create New Value
Power of Challenge

From the basic elucidation of various fields such as hair science and ergonomics to the creation of services that make use of advanced digital technology.
We create new value that leads to the resolution of on-site issues and continue to take on the challenge of developing a wide range of products and services.

Commitment to Manufacturing

Standard New Value

Technologies and Ideas That Create New Value