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Beauty Knows
No borders

Good health and beauty is a universal aspiration that transcends borders and cultural boundaries.
Takara Belmont Group has affiliates in 12 countries /regions outside Japan, and fans of its hair, 
beauty, dental, and medical equipment and professional-use cosmetics in over 120 countries/regions (as of 2022). 

Overseas Group Company Base

world map

Overseas group companies in 12 countries/regions Transactions in over 120 countries

Business Performance

A Purveyor of Celebrities Around the World
Employed in Hair Salons

hair salon chair

At hair salons in famous 5-star hotels around the world and luxury department stores in the UK,
Our salon equipment is used.
In addition, many of our products are used in salons used by world-famous celebrities such as royalty and presidents.

Dental Chair Production Volume
Exceeded 10,000 Units

dental chair

Recognized worldwide for the reliability of its products, it has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers, used in more than 120 countries around the world, including African countries such as South Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. The total number of dental chairs produced by the factories in Japan and Vietnam is over 13,000 units (*2021), which is one of the world's top class.

History of Overseas Expansion

indian dealer
An Indian dealer who visited the company for business talks around 1948

Strengthened Trading Operations from the Early Showa Period.
Expanding the Commercial Area to the Asian Region

Based on the belief that "the world is one", we have expanded our business area to Asian regions such as Singapore and India, which used to be a British colony, mainly in Manchuria, China, where many Japanese immigrated. After the war, the company started manufacturing barber chairs, and there is a photograph of an Indian buyer visiting the company for business negotiations in 1948.

Los Angeles
1959 Visiting a Los Angeles Dealership

Establishing a Local Subsidiary in the USA
to the World as a Foothold

In 1956, a local subsidiary, TAKARA COMPANY NYINC., was established in New York, USA, and began full-scale overseas expansion. After that, we established local subsidiaries in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Brazil, and since the 2000s, we have also focused on South Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Asian region.

Esthetic Equipment
1973 First aesthetic device manufactured by Nemectron

New Overseas Industry Menu
a Bridge to Reach Japan

In conjunction with the 1970 Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo), Japan's first international barber and beauty championship was held. In 1973, we introduced Germany's "esthetic using equipment" and started importing and selling basic cosmetics for professional use. In recent years, we have also started providing South African soft gel nail products in Japan, leading to an increase in the number of nail salons.

TWBC held for the first time in 1999

Supporting Industry at Home and Abroad

In 1999, TWBC, a beauty festival for professionals, was held for the first time in order to introduce new overseas hairdressing techniques to Japan. In addition to co-sponsoring the OMC, a world competition for barbers and beauticians, we also support the participation of Japanese athletes.