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Environmental Policy

In order to reaffirm the international sense of crisis regarding the environment as our own, and to achieve sustainable development in the natural cycle of the earth, we will continue We will identify the nature and extent of the environmental impact of the entire cycle and promote environmental countermeasure activities.

Representative Director, Chairman and President Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Environmental Policy <Departments related to equipment production>

  1. Considering the product life cycle from design to production, transportation, customer use, collection, sorting, disposal, and reuse, we strive to prevent pollution in our business activities, reduce waste, and conserve resources.・Promote energy conservation and continuously improve the environment.
  2. Comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations and agreements. Furthermore, we will set voluntary standards and strive to manage business activities that may have an impact on the environment.
  3. In accordance with this policy, we will set and review objectives and targets for each fiscal year.

Top Environmental Management
Senior Managing Director Tatsuo Sugai

Scope of Activity

  • Design, development and manufacture of the following products
    [Barber/Beauty Chairs and Equipment], [Hair Promotion Equipment], [Esthetic Equipment], [Hair Washing Unit], [Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment], [Unit Cabinet], [Dental Unit/Chair/X-ray Equipment] , [Dental/Medical Light], [Medical Operating Table/Treatment Table/Examination Table/Examination Chair], [Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit], [and related equipment]
  • Manufacture of plastic products and artificial marble
  • Provision of logistics services related to storage and delivery of TAKARA BELMONT Group products

Departments related to equipment production

  • TAKARA BELMONT Co., Ltd. [Headquarters Development Headquarters] [Product Regulation Management Department] [Osaka Factory/Shiga Equipment Factory] [Konan Terminal]
  • Takara Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Belmont Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Belmont Plastic Co., Ltd. [Head Office Factory/Toyama Factory]

Environmental Policy <Cosmetics Division>

  1. As our cosmetics business, we consider the life cycle from product planning and development to production, distribution, proposal activities for beauty salons and other professionals engaged in the beauty business, and from customer use to disposal. In all business activities, we strive to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact, promote resource conservation and efficient use of energy, and as a member of our company, strive to continuously improve our business through our environmental management system.
  2. We will comply with laws, regulations, enactments, and industry codes of conduct that we have agreed to in relation to environmental aspects.
  3. Recognizing the need to prioritize the following environmental activities among the impacts of our business activities, products and services on the environment, we set environmental targets for each business year and strive for continuous improvement and sustainable development. strive for development.
    (1) We strive to develop environmentally friendly products that take into consideration the stages of manufacturing, customer use, and disposal, and actively disclose related environmental information.
    (2) Properly manage chemical substances used and promote the use of safer raw materials.
    (3) We will strive for efficient use of resources such as production facilities and energy provided for business, as well as water and raw materials.
    (4) We will strive to reduce and manage waste, and will also work on the appropriate treatment of wastewater in the manufacturing department.
    (5) We will promote green purchasing in the workplace and procure products and services that have less environmental impact.
  4. By implementing environmental education and publicity activities, we will ensure that all employees engaged in the Cosmetics Division understand this environmental policy and thoroughly disseminate environmental information. We will actively support activities. In addition, we actively make proposals regarding environmental conservation to customers through a wide range of beauty business people, including beauty salons.

Environmental Chief Executive
Managing Executive Officer General Manager of Cosmetics Division Masaru Saito